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Cloudy is much more than a large scale suspension lamp, border line with art, it recalls a prodigious contemporary luminous sculpture, dominating the space with its strong installative power and great stage presence. “I believe that creating something as big as a cloud is the dream of every designer!” Says Dima Loginoff “and Axolight has made it possible to design and engineer!” The name Cloudy tells the original inspiration, developed by multiplying and connecting spherical elements of different sizes. “While appearing to be a random combination, Cloudy is the result of an accurate study of volumes and dimensions, in order to obtain a balanced ensemble, playing with an asymmetrical arrangement of its parts”, says Giuseppe Scaturro, CEO of Axolight.
 The spherical elements contain the LED light sources spreading a soft and cosy light. Each element diffuses the same amount of light, a particularly complex effect to be engineered, considering that the five spheres are divided into four different dimensions. A semi-transparent elastic fabric completely covers the composition, further smoothing the light diffusion and giving the whole a unitary character.“I always thought of Cloudy as a large object made up of single elements held together by a thin shell”, says the designer. “Initially it was just a poetic metaphor, but Axolight took it seriously, starting a real study on elastic cladding fabrics, to find the best technical solution and making all the original inspiration tangible”.
 With its stage presence Cloudy is able to furnish even a large public or private space alone. If used in composition, it enhances its scenographic impact creating a real lighting sculpture. A unique lighting sculpture Cloudy is a large scale suspension lamp that consists of five spheres of opal PMMA, designed to be easily fixed to a supporting metal structure invisible from the outside. The spherical elements contain the LED light sources and diffuse a soft and cozy light.
 A semi-transparent elastic fabric completely covers the composition, making the light diffusion uniform and giving the whole a unitary character.

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