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Coffee table


Produced by

Palaty Gallery

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limited edition

Shibui is a Japanese concept that describes the beauty hidden in simplicity and understated elegance. It emphasizes the pleasure that can be derived from careful and contemplative examination of details in simple and unassuming things. Shibui can be applied to a wide range of things, from household objects to art, fashion, and architecture. These things usually do not draw attention with their bright appearance, but their simplicity and purity of form produce an effect that captures attention. Shibui is one of the concepts of Japanese aesthetics, which can be interpreted differently depending on the context. It can describe the perfect combination of simplicity and complexity, modesty and refinement, as well as beauty that arises from natural and unpretentious forms. Shibui tables are made of solid wood and covered with an unusual scale-like veneer Abacha wood. Another version of the finish is made of liquid metal.

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