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The Slow Motion - home textile collection created by designer Dima Loginoff is a tribute to the slow living philosophy, where a leisurely life, the search for peace of mind, finding balance, the ability to notice beauty in simple things, conscious consumption are not just empty words. For a full life, you don’t need a lot of things, because they will not replace the joy of communicating with loved ones, walking in nature and moments of creative insight. Slow Motion - textiles that won't get bored, will last for a long time, and its blurry watercolour pattern resembles the landscapes of northern countries, it is interesting to look at it. It looks like now is the time to stop the frantic pace and give yourself some time for a real life. Turn on the meditation music, light your favourite candles up, ad slow living to your life, and it will become not just a fashion trend, but a conscious way of life.

IDA International Design Awards 2022, Silver, Los Angeles, USA

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