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The collaboration between Russian designer Dima Loginoff and Italian fine upholstered furniture producer AR.T.EX. had remarkable final results every single time, proof of that becoming many beautiful The Fifth Avenue Sofa is a show of cozy minimalism and elegance. It comes with a present day, intriguing appear which has its roots in the geometry and aesthetics of downtown Manhattan, the Fifth Avenue, one of the most vibrant and stylish street of the world ranked as possessing the world’s most prestigious retail spaces. That is why lightness and evocative kinds are the primary ideas in creating this sofa. Every angle reveals a various visual encounter, the place a mix of reliable factors and empty components create the illusion of “suspended” buildings. The creativity in combining angles and lines, the carefulness in the assortment of the ideal materials for its construction, the decision of a timeless, balanced yet modern colour, each and every little detail was offered a special consideration shaping an upholstered sofa with a effectively made personality.

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